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On the photo left you can see a couple of silver surfers. The board to the right is a inflatable ULI board. It is a board for travelling or to use on crowded beaches as it is soft and can damage nobody   

Trying to paddle out through white water is pretty demanding, if not impossible.      ...

It was replaced during the summer 2007 by a 8 feet 4 inch BIC board.

None of the above boards are very good boards for the learner surfer. I have been told. However the BIC is good value for money.

 I am am counting that the new board that you see on photo below is a better choice.  A the time of writing it has not been tested, but it will be during the week.

LATEST: If you are an old man like me you need a board with volume.



In 2008 I had my 3 rd board. A proper build board to my weight and skills. I heard about Esteban from a fellow surfer, and eventually found his place in a remote countryside on Mallorca ..

The board is 9 feet 8 inch. It is 23 and a half inch wide and 3 inch thick. With my weight of 93 kilo, that should be about right.

On the photo you can se the shaper finishing the board.


Click on photo to zoom

The new board had to be tested right away. The next evening I went to the beach. The board is more lively, which surprised me. That is probable due to the slight v/profile. I was falling right and left. It will take some time to get used to. However it paddles like a battleship. It catches the waves with an ease I have not tried before.
Below are photos from the first session. Click on photos to zoom.

2009 May update.

I have now used the board one season, and it has limitations. It is very hard to turn, also I do a lot of pearling ( which is not necessary a fault of the board, but I think it is lacking forward rocker, but later I realized the board calls for a more skilled surfer. On this board you need to move . Forward for speed . Back for turn. I will be back on this board later when I am more experienced. )

At the moment I use more my 8 foot 4 Bic to get the ease of turning


In June 2011 I had a new board with the following dimensions 9 feet 2 inch long 23 inch wide and 3 inch thick. It has quite a bit of forward rocker. It is a soft top board. Rail is soft as well. Bottom is hard.

The forward rocker seems to make the board more resistant to pearling.  Also the Eskimo roll is easier. The wave tend to press the board down.

On the other hand the board is not as fast.  Volume is 76 liters. I am 94 KG.

There are a type of soft boards designed for surf schools. They have even more volume. They could be 24 inch wide and up to 4 inch thick   A board like that you will outgrow and it may not be a good investment. ..

LATEST: I have now used this board for about a month. For an surfer my age  ( 63 ) and my experience ( 440 ) days, it is a perfect board.

2017. I am still using this board.




After 3 or 4 seasons I started to use the Panic Point board again, is has a much better glide than the softboard, and as it started to delaminate in 2016 I got a 10 feet by 23 feet by 3 feet with a volume of about 75 liter. The board was made by a local shaper and is  very high quality board.

Very nice board but  heavy to handle in bigger surf and a bit dangerous if many surfers around. So I use this board mainly in swell less than 4 feet. This board is not good for hollow shore break. I performs in big mellow swell. ( Not a lot of that here )
10 feet long board
Then in November 2016 I got a Fatum Duke 7 feet. First time in the water i thought I would never manage to surf this board. Now after 1 week I am actually surfing it. I great board. With a volume of 51 liter it has a weight rating of 85 KG for Intermediate surfer. So it may be a bit on the small side. I will see.

I think this board will be very nice for travelling, as I will be able to open the rear hatch of the car, while the board is on the roof.

After using the board for 3 weeks, I gave up. The board is too small for me. I now use it as a knee board. It is also handy in very crowded conditions. It is not easy to paddle with this board.
Fatum Duke 7 Feet above
Spring 2018 I was back to the local shaper ( a new one ) he made this board. Very little rocker. very fast board. Very difficult to catch fast hollow waves.
In May 2018 I got a Torque soft top 9 feet 2 inch mainly to use during the summer. I did not feel I could control the longboards I had.
Then in  September 2018 I found a second hand LUFI board. Instantly I liked it. Quite a light board, and for the first time I had a board that could handle steeper and fast shore break. It is the Magic Model, but 23 inch wide . Length is 9 feet 2. Also for the first time I had a board that was easy to turtle roll. It is not being pulled out of my grip. I now felt safer in bigger waves.
During spring 2019 I purchased again a LUFI. This time the nose rider model. Noosa Secret. This board has a lot more rocker than I am used to. I am comfortable with that board in any condition , that I surf. The board is 9 feet 6 inch x 22 7/8 inch x 3 inch. This small video show how easy I can turn the direction of the board , during take off, just by leaning over a little bit with the upper body.
I know you are supposed to pop up quickly, but with winter wet suit and life west it is nice I can control the board lying down and then take my time to stand up.
In June 2019 I had one more LUFI board, the California dream. 10 cm more narrow and 10 cm less rocker than my previously LUFI board . It glides more easily but is a  little more difficult to catch bigger and especially steeper waves.
It performs very well in the summer swell here in Portugal which often has a mix of wind driven waves.
The board is 9.4 and weight 7 kg.
Surf board design
In the spring 2020 I recieved this LUFI 10 feet. It is a great board. It has the most volumen of all my boards, and it feels right. It is however too advanced for me I think. But this board is impressive.
In June 2021 I was looking to change to more volume and shorter and thicker boards. This has so far been a pleasant surprise. Easier to catch wave, easier to maneuver and very important , I feel a lot more safe in bigger waves. Bigger for me is 1.5 meter.
I am now waiting for our local shaper to finins a version in epoxy