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In this section you find videos from different places I have been ..   

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In May 2018 I was invited to do a tv interview about my surfing time. Here is the result. The interview is in German.

Youtube link


August 2007 Training the "pop up" in the garden. And one of the first times I was standing on the board. The video is DIVX you may not have codex on your computer. In that case you can not play video  View  View

Video of my surfing style after 3 month, 6 month and  16 month

Above video is after 3 month

Above video is after 6 month

Abovefafter 16 month

Above after 36 month




After 60 month ( start og year no 6 )


After 72 month ( start og year no 7 )

After 930 surf days Year No 9
I am doing a proper pop up and catching the wave at the right spot, and surfing the unbroken wave.
Video courtesy
After 1010 surf days Year No 10
Surfing Tonel July 17 2016
Surfing Tonel Feb 2017 Video
Year No 11
Surfing Cordoama Sept 2018  Video   Video
After 1400 surf days  Year No 12 
Surfing  Marts April 2019
video/20190408amado_movi.mp4  54 Mb
EasyPopUp videos
In my opinion most accidents are caused by uncontrolled falling during pop up, trying to catch the wave. In 2017 I developed a safer way to pop up. You take a little pause lying on your knees. I think it works very well. It is mainly for older surfers, but may be used by beginners as well on days where the waves are a bit scarey.
Once you find you can surf almost any wave nature throws at you, You get your self-esteem  boosted.
Very often you see surfers paddle for a wave, then hesitate because of fear. They catch very few waves.
Once you paddle for a wave you must be 100% into it. Should the wave   turn out to be difficult, you will be glad to be very low on  the board.
EasyPopUp videos
Video     Video    video 
Noseride videos  ( open new window )


Video below are opening in same window you are leaving this web site

OTHER VIDEO I LIKE  Huge surf at Ghost tree California  McNamara have tips how to manage wipe outs    Good mix of the best short boarders.   Long boarders.   Surfers in Florida. In the aftermath of hurricane Sandra.   Sunny Garcia. Pro surfer at Sunset Beach Hawaii. Hero 3 slowmotion   Bic range of Videos ( Green wave take off )      Exersise  Kelly Slater. Good video to check out.   Mullaghmore Head 27th Oct 2013 Tow-In Surfing      Tow in . Asturias Spain      Mavericks 2014

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