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In this section I will describe the places I have been. My opinion is based on the search for a safe easy place to learn for a 55+ new bee . If you have any questions about the places I went to, or related to surfing, you are welcome to drop me a line at   


Portugal, Sagres
A very good place to learn surfing. In my opinion. Long season. 

Accomodation  There are  many surf schools where you can stay in their surf house, or take a full package with instruction and equipment rental.



Canary islands - Fuerteventura

I was spending  some time during the winter 2009 to 2010 at Fuerteventura. During the month January, Feb and Marts. There I joined

They took care of everything from air port pick up to hotel booking  and instruction. They have a surf house as well. The place is Corralejo, a quiet tourist town, still with enough action to keep you entertained, If that is what you like.

  • Denmark . Beaches where you can surf   You can find places to surf in Denmark, but there is little clean swell. Mostly wind generated waves. The comfortable season is very short

  • Lkken

  • Klitmoeller ( Cold Hawaii )

  • Vorupoer



Spain, Cantabria. 2008

Oyambre BeachOyambre BeachBeach towards San VicenteBeach towards San VicenteBeach towards San VicenteLoredo Beach - Bay of San Sebastian

 Along the North coast of Spain towards the Bay of Biscay, you will find many places to surf. I was visiting the area during a September trip. The weather was pleasant, however you must expect some rain in this area. Also the nights start to get chilly.

I was staying 3 weeks in the area called Oyambre. There is a camping site named La Playa, part of it with direct access to the beach. You can sit outside your tent and check the waves.

There are 2 more camping nearby, but then you need your car to go to the beach.

Most of the days started with windless mornings. Then during the afternoon you would get a North East wind, which often destroyed the surfing on this beach. You could then drive to an other beach towards San Vicente, some 5 Km. away and find shelter from the wind there.

Often mobile homes and vans were hanging out at the beach parking. That seem to work for a while, until somebody got the idea to use the facilities from the camping without asking.

At San Vicente there is a camping site as well. Shops just across the road. Walking distance from the bech. Besides there is more town. Problem is the town is at he other side of the river, say half hour walk.

Mid way on the beach by San Vicente, there is a quiet parking. Here you often saw surfers parked.

An other place I went, was Loredo beach in the bay of Santander. There is a place called Laredo as well further down the coast. Don't mix up the places, as I did.

Anyway. There is a parking near the beach. I saw some vans here that looked as if they stayed the night as well. Month was September .

Just next to the parking there is a camping. Walking distance from beach.

The waves are les in this area in front of the camping, and you are protected from North East winds. perfect spot for a learner. However expect crowds during July August. In September it was actually very pleasant , only few people.

A surf school is operating from the camp site. It looked as if you could rent everything. Tents, boards, wet suits, even if you wanted just to surf by yourself. The camp site has cabins as well for rent.  Try to contact the camping for info.  The camping is open all year. 2 or 3 schools are operating in this area.

Another beach in this bay is Somo beach. From here there is a ferry across to Santander.
Cantabria is the best place I have been so far. Waves every day. At least during September, while I was there. Protected beaches for the learner. Many camping sites.

In 2009, in the beginning of April I placed my caravan at La Playa camping in Oyambre. Then I visited during my vacations as much as I could. I liked the month May through to end of September most. September being the best month of them all. Water is still warm, and the vacation rush is over.

 In October 2010 I moved on to Sagres in Portugal.


Spain, Mallorca
Video  If you are there long enough you can get a good day or two.

The locals have their spots and after a while you will find them. The window for good surfing waves is however very narrow.