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I have made some photo galleries in Here you can follow the action. If you have any questions about the places I went to, or related to surfing, you are welcome to drop me a line at      

The start of surfing. The first day out. I had no idea.


I started off in Denmark. Using camping sites as a base. Renting a cottage 1 month. After 2 Month I was just able to stand up on the board 4 seconds.


Looking for the perfect place to learn, I then headed to France. On the Atlantic coast. I had read a lot about some good places there.

The truth is, if you are still a beginner, do not go to places recommended as being great by experienced surfers. You can not learn there, unless it is during a very quiet period.

The conclusion was that North in Aquitane is less crowded than South. The area of Amelie Plage, I liked a lot.
Here you have a camping overlooking the Ocean and you can walk to the beach with your surfboard under your arm.

There is a surf camp here. They have the last group during September. From 15 July to end of August it is very crowded.
You are 4 Km away from a pretty old town called Surlac syr Mer. From there you have a train to Bordeaux, which made this town a seaside resort since the beginning of last century.


Surfing on Mallorca is possible, but you need to wait for the right conditions. Rare during the summer month. During the winter it is a lot more windy and you see surfers at several places. However it is local people. Bringing a surfboard to Mallorca on a short vacation, will almost get you in the book of records.


We now read 2008. I have ordered a new surfboard. 9 feet 8 inch. The car is getting prepared for a camping trip to Galicia in Spain. I will "travel light" just with a tent. Photos will be inserted here as I progress. Start supposed to be mid August

You will find more photos in My Diary