Surfing Disclaimer


Before you start surfing, get a medical check. Join a surf school, or get a private teacher to teach you all about the safety aspects with this sport.

Surfing is a dangerous sport. This web site can not be held responsible for any injury or loss of life, resulting from practise of this sport.

Especially if you start surfing a a higher age, you will be more at risk. You need to be VERY

Avoid head injury from falling  from a standing position on a surf board in shallow water, and twisting your knee walking into the sea with a surf board.

Sooner or later you will get some sort of injury, hopefully minor. Make sure you have ample insurance cover, and that there is no "dangerous sport exemption"

Trying to surf waves that are too big or powerful, can cause drowning.

Make sure you have 3 rd party coverage. You may hit somebody with your board.

I you join a club or federation, you often can take out their insurance cover, and at a god price.

You can also get a inflatable flotation west


This section is not a tutorial in surfing, nor is it any substitute for medical advice. It is my history of what I did, and my experience during the process.

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